VIP Discount Auto Center - Here we go again. screwed by v.i.p. once more!!

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well it's like this..1 1/2 years ago i bought 4 tires from vip in rockland. i got the front end fixed and an alignment done. well i made it less than 1/2 mile down the road before my truck felt like it was going to explode. i took it back to them and they "fixed" the problem. two weeks later my new front tire was bald. i finally had to take it to a dealer and get it repaired which vip had to pay for. but they sure didn't pay fr my extra travel, time or aggrevation. the front end was a mess.

next, this year, i special order items for my vehicle that i need for work. i wait and wait and wait for the phone call to tell me the part has arrived...nothing.....i finally have to go in and get my part. it takes the assistant 20 minutes to find my special order. now i'm getting fed up.

now....i special order tires for my wife they call to say they are in...nope they leave me hanging again. my wife finally makes an appointment with my two year old in tow and do they put her tires on....nope they make her wait for an hour. remember she had an appointment.

she goes to the desk and the mamager goes out to the tire bay. my wife sees the manager dig her paper work out from under a pile of ***....they had forgotten her. she saw the wole thing unfold through the service bay window. she finally has to leave.

i send one of my workers to get tires at vip and they send him home with two broken lug nuts on one wheel..they say nothing..he had a pregnant wife at the time.

i call the corporate and can't get anything but a recorded message........finally i email a complaint and get a response. the NEW customer service manager tells me that he'll handle it on monday but this is very rare for vip. i will tell you that it is not rare for vip. i can give 20 people with complaints about vip woithout even looking for them. my sister had the same problem with the store in farmingdale. the augusta area believes that the farmingdale vip is incompetent and i would tend to believe that. it's pretty simple for us as consumers. the proof is in the pudding so to speak. i plan on spending as much time on the internet as i can getting this message out to people. i am fed up. i am tired of getting a free mount and balance because my family was put in harms way. i'm tired of no one at vip taking the responsibility for their actions. the manager in rockland told me that he always calls people to let them know their special orders have arrived but he couldn't speak for anyone else....WHAT?

is he the manager or not? my advice is town fair tire in augusta let's all give them a chance shall we?

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VIP Discount Auto Center - VIP Auto in Londonderry, NH

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Derek is the service manager there. I REALLY REALLY have no idea what-so-ever how he became a manager of any store. The level of service I got from him today was the worst I've gotten from ANYONE before - cashier, grocery bagger, waiter/waitress, etc. I've never been mistreated that way before.

Lou that works there teamed up with Derek to scorn me in front of many customers about a coupon that I wanted them to honor. I called on Aug 4, 2008 to verify the validity of a state inspection coupon I got from the VIP website. I really should have gotten the name of the guy I spoke with. I even asked one of the employees when dropping my car off this morning and he said it should be valid. He said that when he was standing right next to Derek the service manager (Derek heard him say that).

NOWHERE on the coupon did it even IMPLY that the coupon expired July 31, 2008. It has a PICTURE of an inspection sticker that says “7”. Not even a single word that comes close to "expiration". YOU be the judge and please tell me honestly if you think this coupon should have been honored - I tried telling them that a coupon is similar to a contract. And they cannot just assume that a customer should know the expiration date of the coupon by looking at a picture of an inspection sticker on the coupon. That it needs to state clearly in writing the exact date the coupon expires on. I asked them "so does it mean if they had decided to put a picture of a honda on there, it implies that the coupon is valid only for hondas?" Derek just replied with a scoff then said "what part of coupon not accepted do you not understand? If you don’t like that then I will cancel your appointments and you can leave". That’s when I just gave up and agreed to pay for the inspections, but I asked the manager to just write a simple “customer had coupon but not accepted due to July expiration” so I won’t have a hard time trying to prove to the corporate that I tried to use the coupon. At that point, Derek just walked away from me and Lou took me to a different section of the counter to say “I am not sure what your level of English is, but Derek tried to communicate with you and apparently that’s not happening. Derek is not going to honor the *** (no, I did not add this word in) coupon so you can either pay for the inspection or get it done somewhere else if you don’t like it”. I ALREADY TOLD THEM I will pay for the inspections but I wanted them to just write a simple statement about the FACT that they wouldn’t accept the “expired” coupon. What they say to me, they should be able to write in writing. So when I heard that, I just walked out of the store, lost half of the Saturday that I was suppose to be working on (I had 8am, 11am, 1pm appointments for 3 inspections, brake flush and brake rotor resurfacing).

Derek/Lou has absolutely not even the most basic ethical/legal knowledge of how to manage a business. Not only had they broken the business ethics and moral, they’ve gone low enough to even violate the basic social manners. I will NEVER EVER go close to that VIP again. I will discourage EVERYONE I CAN to not deal with that VIP store. I will write to and call the corporate offices, and if they can somehow remedy this situation, then I will continue using the other VIP stores but never the one in Londonderry, NH (near market basket).

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Monetary Loss: $130.


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this is the actual coupon that I brought to the store, sorry for the wrong link



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